About Copper Fin Heat Sink: Amazing Product Of Kingka Hardware Industry


The heat sink is a device that controls the heat generated by the different electronic components. The working of this device depends on its surface and the fluid used. It will cool the temperature. Kingka is an expert in manufacturing copper fin heat sinks with premium quality.

Kingka is a Chene’s hardware industry that provides products related to heat sinks. Customers will find a variety of products on its platform. When checking the site, you will discover every type of heat sink that is used in different places. They have expert and capable staff who monitor the manufacturing of these products.

The expert team of Kingka can customize the products according to the customer’s needs. The customer needs to provide the sample, and they will produce it. However, if the customer does not show the design, the team will help you and design according to your need.

Features Of Copper FIN Heat Sink

The following are some features of Copper fin heat products.

High-Quality Material

Kingka-made Fin heat sink with high-quality copper and aluminum material. The experts supervise the production process.

Availability Of Customization Of The Product

However, the product is available in square and round shapes, but customers can customize it according to the design. Their experts will help you in this process.

Multiple Use Of Fin Heat Sink

The use of these heat sink’s are on a large scale. For instance, these are used in hospitals, buildings, and different other places. These heat sinks to absorb the heat and maintain the temperature.

Amazing Performance Of Products

When you are using this heat sink, it performs efficiently because of the remarkable material used in it. The material of the product is premium in quality and all performance depends on this. Kingka provides high-performance products to its customers.

Availability Of Fin Heat Sink In Multiple Shapes & Materials

Kingka provides the fin heat sink in multiple styles like a square, round, rectangle, and others. Moreover, customers can order different materials used fin heat sinks. They are manufactured with aluminum, and copper material.

Why Choose Kingka For Copper FIN Heat Sink

Provides Complete Solutions

Kingka provides the complete solution about the product, and the experts of the company give the complete splitting of the products. All the services cost nothing.

Quick shipping of The Products

Kingka provides the shipping of its products to almost 50+ countries all over the world. Moreover, they are providing quick delivery of their products. However, location and destination are factors that affect the shipping, but overall customers receive the products on time.

Complete Technical Support

The available engineer on this platform gives the entire technical support to the customer. They provide technical support for the installation of the products.

Applications Of Copper Fin Heat Sink

In applications requiring a lot of airflow and restricted space, skived copper heat sinks provide optimal heat dispersion. When you take into consideration the cost-effective tooling price and the optimal fin surface area, they are a cheap solution.

The following applications frequently use skived fin heat sinks:

  • Electronic devices and computers
  • Telecommunications tools
  • Industrial machinery and parts
  • Lighting and home appliance manufacturing
  • Automotive parts

Benefits Of Copper Fin Heat Sink

  1. Skived fin process, a ground-breaking innovation, and alternative to extruded, bonded, and swaged heat sinks, can generate heat sinks High density allows for smaller, denser, and more effective skived fins for heat transfer.
  2. Skived fin heat sinks have good thermal performance that is practically identical to that of extrusion because the base plate and fins are one continuous piece with no thermal resistance in between. This allows the heat sink’s heat dissipation properties to be fully utilized.


Kingka is a place where you can order copper fin heat sinks, they provide the best product to the customer. Their expert staff monitors the process of manufacturing the products. They deliver the products quickly and in almost 50+ countries are available for shipping.


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