Where to Get The Best Automatic Case-Making Machine?


That time has passed when a person has to do every work from his hands no matter how small or difficult a work is. Then, the world started involving technologies and the use of modern equipment helped a person to minimize burden from him. Now, we see machines for every work even for serving food to customers.

This evolution first amazed a person but then everyone started getting used to it and now there are more machines in the world than humans. Today’s article is pretty interesting and about the platform where a person finds the best and perfect working case making machine either for his home or for any business purpose.

Shengtu: Get a Case Making Machine

Shengtu machinery is famous as ST machinery all over the country and is listed among the most preferred printing and packaging manufacturers. This platform has been working for a long time and never fails in providing a helping hand to its customers. Business can be enhanced to a great extent with the help of this amazing technology.

If you are curious about the manufacturing products of this amazing tool then you should know that this platform has several applications. You will find casing in machines, paper board slitters, automatic case-making machines, and most importantly case lining machines.

All these machines contribute to making this platform the most recommended case-making machine supplier.

History of ST Machinery

The most amazing and beneficial fact about this most preferred company is that it not only works in a country but also has access to different global countries. All these countries including Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Italy, Spain, and many more are importing machinery from this company and are very satisfied with the machinery.

There will be no exaggeration in saying that this company has never compromised on customer needs and the flexibility of machinery is always considered. The thing that makes this company superior to all the other available companies is its focus points which are creativity and innovation.

That means the manufacturing measures in the company keep on evolving with the ongoing standard and demands of the customers. Therefore, there is maximized possibility that the upcoming products of ST machinery will touch the sky.

Types Of Automatic Case-Making Machines At Shengtu

If you are in search of an automatic case-making machine then it is still suggested to pay attention to ST machinery and you will surely get satisfied with its amazing working. There are three main types of automatic case-making machines available at Shengtu. These types along with their most prominent key features are mentioned below:

ST036B Case-Making Machine

For manufacturing hard cases for packaging boxes, stationery products, and hardcover books, ST036B case make is preferred. The speed attained by this machine is between 1800 to 1500 pcs/h. We are allowed to manufacture a maximum cover of size 680×400 mm and a minimum cover of size 100×45 mm.

ST036XL Multifunction Case-Making Machine

If you are thinking of making a cover for a liquor box, sweet box, cosmetic box, or cigarette box then you must go ahead with an ST036XL multifunction case-making machine. The available size is 850 ×450 mm for maximize case and 200×45 mm for the minimum case.

ST036B R.Z Long Automatic Case-Making Machine

This automatic case-making machine is highly recommended for manufacturing hard cases for packaging boxes, stationery products, and hardcover books. The speed obtained by this machine is between 1800 to 1500 pcs/h. We are allowed to have a maximum cover of 680×400 mm size and a minimum cover of 100×45 mm.


If you are looking for an automatic case-making machine but are unable to access a platform that lets you buy a reliable and affordable case-making machine without putting in much effort. Shengtu is no doubt the most preferred platform for getting a case-making machine that will help you to bring productivity to your business.


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