The Indoor Uses Of A Power Washer


If your only idea of a power washer is that it cleans the mildew from the dark corners of your driveway, you are very wrong. A power washer is such a versatile piece of machinery that it will never let you down because of its multiple uses and how it can be used indoors and both outdoors as well.  According to popular belief, a power washer is good enough to use outside of a house but that is not true because it has some really good uses on the inside of the house as well. Following are a few indoor uses of a power washer:

1. Tough Pieces Of Furniture

Do you think that a pressure washer can only work best on the outside of your house?  Then what about the large pieces of furniture that you have that might require a deep clean once a year or twice maybe? A pressure washer can be an excellent tool to use when it comes to cleaning things like dining tables and dining chairs after the removal of the cushions.  it can also be really helpful to clean out old furniture that you’re looking to resell.

2. Bathroom Tiles And Walls

No amount of bathroom cleaner cleans out the gunk and dirt that are accumulated on and between the bathroom tiles. Even the walls of the bathroom become really dirty with stains of the shampoo and other watermarks. It is now time to put your pressure washer to use intake it how to clean your bathrooms as if the tiles are brand new inside them.

3. Flushes and Drains

Sometimes a quick gush of detergent water can do your flushes and drains so good that you will be amazed when you see the difference. The same principle applies to your house is well when you spray a power washer in the flush and the drains, they clean themselves out and the water flows so smoothly through them. It can be done was a good bathroom cleaner as well if you put in place of a detergent to your pressure washer.

4. Curtains and Carpets

Carpets and curtains are such an important part of our indoor life and then there’s so much that throughout the course of time as well. Dirty carpets and curtains are easily distinguishable by guests and people who come to visit our house and they often leave a really bad impact. Not only this but they are responsible for respiratory problems as well if the dust is too much. All you need to do is to take out your pressure washer and clean the fabric of the curtains and the carpets thoroughly.  The dirt will be out in no time.

5. Utensils and Silver

Very unconventional use of a power washer can also be that on your utensils and silverware because sometimes after a party, you really do not feel like cleaning up the horribly big mess the guests have left. Just take out your power washer and clean out the harsh material that is stuck to your pots and pans and also just clean the silverware by putting it in a tray much like a dishwasher.


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