Types of USB-C Cables You Can Get From UGREEN


The world is growing very fast so does humans. But wait, we are not talking about age. Here we are talking in terms of speed and technology. Man wants to be as fast as technological advancements are.

However, technology fully supports humans in this purpose. For example, charging phones and other computer equipment is faster than ever before. Transferring data at a faster speed is also an example of how technology helps to grow humans at a more rapid pace.

Are you also in search of something that makes your work easier and faster? Most probably the fast charging cables for your devices? Or the speedier cable for transferring data?

We have an option for you. You must opt for USB-C cables, as these cables are faster enough for not only charging your devices but also transferring data faster.

UGreen provides you with the vast options of USB-c cables in their store. If you want to know more about how many types of USB-c cables, you can grab from UGreen’s page. Keep reading this guide till the end.

UGreen provides you with different types of USB-c cables with different data transferral speeds. Let’s check it out.

1. 100 Watt Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Cable

100 watt thunderbolt three usb-cable can be the best option for you. It supports 40 Gigabytes per second data transmission speed, which enables you to transfer data within a few seconds depending upon your data.

Let’s say you want to transfer 100GB of data from your phone to your laptop. Ugreen’s 100 watt thunderbolt 3 USB-c cable will efficiently transfer your data in less than even 3 seconds. Isn’t it super fast?

The specifications of 100 watt thunderbolt haven’t limit till here. But it also provides you with the fastest charging options with its 100W power delivery charging option. Moreover, it provides you with a high-resolution 5K video output.

2. 100 Watt PD Fast Charging Cable

As the name suggests, UGreen’s PD fast charging cable provides you with the handy feature of charging your devices at a quicker speed. This will save your time as well as electricity. If you find yourself using USB-c cables more often in your work, school, traveling, and almost everywhere, you must opt for 100 watts PD fast charging cable as it is more durable and versatile than the previous USB cables.

One hundred watts PD fast charging cable is secure and has the universal capability when it comes to charging. It is like one solution to all your problems.

3. 100 Watt PD USB C Cable

Just like a 100-watt PD fast charging cable, 100 watts PD USB-c cable is reliable and secure when it comes to quality and trust. The main difference between both PD cables is that the PD fast charging cable is used mainly for fast charging.

In contrast, the PD USB-c cable efficiently transfers data quicker and provides a 4K quality video output. However, it also allows you to charge your devices with 100-watts power delivery.

List of UGreen’s USB-C Cables

The UGreen’s page not only provides you with the above three types of cables, but it has a vast range of USB-C cables. We have jotted down below all the USB-C cables available on UGreen’s page.

  • Right angle 100W USB-C cable
  • 60W PD USB C to C fast charging cable
  • 60W USB C PD fast charging cable
  • 60W right angle USB C to C cable
  • 60W USB-C power delivery cable
  • 60W USB C fast charging cable
  • USB C to A fast charging cable
  • USB C fast charging cable and a lot more


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